Yorkshire Mistress Minxy


Below you will find the majority of questions you may need answering, These are real questions from people, if there is something you need to find out before booking a meet, please keep in mind these few things;

Be considerate

Be non-abusive

Be polite

As your email will be ignored and placed on here.


Q. How long have you been a mistress for?

A. I have been a Mistress for about 6 years now, and before you ask I didn’t get into it from the book, I’ve never read it and don’t intend too, back in the 90’s I played the scene from meets through magazines, but decided to stop until 2009 then slowly building up my slaves at present, and building new websites, more equipment and premises.


Q.  How do I pay for a session?

A. You can bring the ” gift ” with you on the day, Please don’t let me remind you to hand over the gift – its rude for a lady to ask!!

*( No attendance or Communication prior to Meet, means you will be blocked from contacting me ever again ) *


Q. How do I book a session with you?

A. You can use my CONTACT PAGE to see all details on how to book with me, but i always ask after you have booked me to contact me with a simple text on the morning of the meet just to confirm your attending.


Q. How long is a session?

A. Sessions can last from 1 hour to 4 hours maximum, I do cater for 30 minutes but the experiences will be limited.


Q. Do you do 15 minute quickies?

A. No……30 minutes is the least I will do, and even this is limited to certain experiences


Q. I live far away and cannot travel to you, but really want to session with you, do you do webcam?

A. Yes I do webcam, I use Skype, please click this – WEBCAM SESSION to find out more details on how to webcam session me.


Q.If I pay you a lot more will you have sex with me?



Q. Can you do overnight bookings?

A. No unfortunately i do have a life outside of what i do,  and prefer to do sessions only through the day.


Q. I don’t want to be marked during the session, is this possible?

A. I cater from slight spanking to hard….up to you x


Q. Is there anything you do like and don’t like to do in sessions?

A. All sessions will be explained before meets, so both parties will understand what will be going on in the session, for more advanced dominatrix code words will be used, I’m not into any medical or needle play, plus no scat play.


Q. Can i bring poppers to the session and if possible can you force me to sniff it?

A. This is a big NO from me i don’t like to use any kind of legal or illegal drugs in my chambers, i know a few of you have asked for this before and have seen Dommes who use this, but please respect me and my wishes,  when i say No substances to be used throughout a session – Adrenaline should be suffice for your experience with me!!!


Q. Is there anything that might cause a session to end early?

A. At any point you become abusive in your body language or native language you will be asked to leave.
If you insist on sexual intercourse with me you will be asked to leave.
If I feel uncomfortable with you on the meet, you will be asked to leave.


Q. What Really bugs you the most about being a Pro Domme?

A. Nothing much really, i love all aspects of the domineering role and meeting new slaves, and forming shall we say a new Bond? but if i had to say one thing about what really bugs me is Time Wasters!!! god this really drives me mad, They ring and ask silly questions about —– what i do-what i wear-could i describe myself to them??—– I spend a-lot of time advertising myself and updating pics weekly ( followers of mistress minxy can verify this ) on all my sites, so in the end i just put the phone down and block! Or a text just saying telephone number – & ring me?? ( big hint to all slaves – just a quick brief description of what you want and foremost ‘ Compliment ME! ‘ ) 


Q. What days are you available for a session?

A. I am available every day, sometimes i can be ready within an hour ( unless busy or in session ), but the majority of the time if you ring on the day i might be able to fit you in, but please understand i do not session after 8 pm every night.


Q. Do you have any restrictions on age,gender or disabilities?

A. a, No restrictions on gender, male or female you are just classed as a slave to me!

     b, One thing I do ask for is if you have any disabilities or illnesses, I must know this prior to meet, maybe fun for you but not for me.

     c, I only see slaves over 25 no less and up to 80 years of age ( but please tell me if you are of an older gentleman prior to meet ).


Q. When is the best time to phone you and email you?

A. You can email me any time, with phone calls please understand that the phone is switched off at 2000 every night and switched back on at 1000 every morning.
I will not answer withheld numbers or texts or voice mails these will be deleted without reading or listening to them.
Please understand that if I don’t answer or email you back I maybe busy, I will text you to ring me back when I am free.


Q. Can I bring gifts to the session?

A.Yes I like gifts, makes you a better slave, have a look on my GIFT PAGE x


Q. What’s involved in the I WANT IT ALL deal?

A. Asking this I know you don’t want or can’t afford it, and you are just wanting what you can’t have……anybody wishing to take this “deal” as you have called it, doesn’t really want this to happen, as it’s a wish………….just the thought of it is overwhelming for you, not asking is the key!, just a simple quote as ” you look elegant and I want to treat you ” is the correct way to get my interest in knowing you want this to proceed, and obviously I will need a deposit for this Experience Before any further commitments x.


Q. Will I be naked during the session?

A. This is entirely up to you, I prefer you to be naked as the session flows better!


Q. I’m a woman, do you only dominate men?

A. No……I can dominate women also, I am straight but I use many toys and treat you as any slave I dominate


Q. Can you double DOMME me?

A. Yes for both men and women, also for women I have a SIR who can join us if needed….not for men though.


Q. Can I ring you and jerk off?

A. NO I’m not a sex line!


Q. I’ve heard you do TV/CD beauty sessions am I correct?

A. Hi Hun, yes I do from novice to experienced, I’m a qualified beautician and nail technician, so know what makeup and clothes fits you best, I cater from shy to extravagant, and always make you feel at ease from the start.


Q. Can I worship your feet and take you shopping?

A. I do a four hour shopping meet – which includes shopping,food,travel,and expenses, make sure you have money though as you pay for my time and the shopping! I buy dinner for you x


Q. How much would it cost to sleep with you?

A. I would never consider it….I have been offered four figures and point blank turned it down….plenty of escorts on adult works if you wish to divulge in that side…please don’t ask again..


Q. Do you have a venue? If so where is it as I live in East Riding of Yorkshire?

A. Yes I do have a premises that I use, fully equipped and secure parking, I don’t divulge my address until it’s a confirmed booking, But my chambers are situated in GOOLE, East Yorkshire.


Q. Is the equipment sanitised and what do you expect from me before the meet?

A. All equipment used is cleansed down after every session, all toys used including strap-on is protected, any canes used is either your own or I can provide you with one, this is yours to keep, I only ever use a cane that is new or yours.
I expect you to be clean before any meet, but this will be explained prior to meet.


Q. Can my wife watch as you dominate me? As she wishes to see how to do it?

A. I don’t have a problem with your partner being there as long as she doesn’t interrupt the session, or want to be involved with me, as I am straight, and in the end you are visiting me for this experience not just to fulfil another fantasy of yours with me and your partner.


Q. Can I shower and use your toilet whilst visiting?

A. There is a toilet you can use, shower is not available sorry, i am very clean and always supply wet wipes for every session.


Q. Can you do out calls at all?

A. My equipment is very heavy plus don’t think me carrying a St. Andrew’s Cross down your drive or through a lobby of a hotel will look good to the neighbours eh?
Only time I will ever consider an out call to you is after a few meets and months then it will just be me and a few pieces of equipment.


Q. I don’t drive is there transport to your venue?

A. Yes there is public transport BUS STATION /TRAIN STATION is only 2 minute walk to get to my chambers.


Q. Why won’t you answer your phone?

1. I maybe busy or in a meet
2. No withheld numbers
3. 0315 is not a suitable time to call me….1000-2000
4. You Have been blocked due time wasting or being verbally abusive on the phone.


Q. Can I take photos at the meet?

A. No you can’t, but I do have a photographer but there will be an added expense to the meet.


Q. I thought as a dominatrix you would offer sexual services as such?

A. You are getting mixed up with the term and meaning;
‘ dominatrix ‘ and ‘ pro-DOMME ‘
a dominatrix offers what is determined a a sexual service, a pro-DOMME is more into fulfilling fantasies ( BDSM ) and isn’t relevant to sexual services – that’s why I’m not listed as an Escort but as a pro-DOMME, hope this clarify’s your question.


Q. But isn’t face sitting sexual service?

A. Face sitting can be a sexual service, but queening/throning or breath control is what I specialise in, aw only say face sitting in categories, my slaves have a punishment in which I cater for it can be nude, jeans or knickers on, control and obedience from said slave is a must and therefore it’s not about sex, try me controlling your breathing then you will understand!