Just a little hello from me x 26/04/16

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Hello my little minions, over the past few years I have been gradually collecting worthy slaves and now have over 20+ committed slaves and new slaves daily who visit throughout the month/year and always bring new gifts and even new pieces of furniture for my chambers for all to use, and with this in mind keeps me a happy mistress! ‘ isn’t that what you were put on this planet for?to keep me happy?’

As for my collection of fun toys I do own over 30 whips and canes, even one that is specially made just for my comfort on the grip, also many many large strap ons and different vibrating large play things, along with my chains and different clamps, nipple chains and tags, with full on expensive handcuffs, different gags and leather/latex masks even a whole farm animals collection of masks!.

With all my outfits for myself that I have bought or been kindly bought off my Amazon wish list, compromises from, secretary, nurses, head mistress, PVC outfits, leather outfits, full BDSM leather outfits, full range of over 40 shoes, boots and stockings and even a £200 sexy lingerie knickers and bra outfit! I can’t even remember how many outfits I do own, so that does explain that I must have hundreds!

Now for my little slaves that I have outfits for, these go from simple leather collars through to full on sissy outfits, dresses, and even a latex doll outfit.

My furniture is all bespoke made no other pieces of furniture is like mine in the world!, I have my own throne, 6ft 6″ black cage, spanking bench, a full size MAT that can you can be chained too,st Andrews cross, full secretarial desk and just recently have been kindly bought a vacuum bed to suck the air from your tight bodies!

Now my gratitude never goes unnoticed when you buy me things as any mistress who gets bought stuff always shows her appreciation by allowing you to worship her, and then to be privileged in just being in her presence!

With myself doing Double DOMME sessions, sometimes it is hard to find another DOMME who you just click with and can be devious and have fun with at the same time, well I have found a great DOMME and I’m sure you all know her and fear/adore her the same as you do me, and that is the one and only Mistress Dita, we click, have fun and are very mischievous together!
We have DD together quite a few times and are always advertising, so if you fancy a session with us both then contact me and we can arrange a session!

Now I will try and update this blog every month or so and keep you all informed of upcoming events…..ohhh and you may see me touring and visiting exhibitions in the near future!

Take care and get booking your sessions with me!

Mistress Minxy x