Last few months 10/03/2017


Hello my little friends

It’s been a while since I updated my blog, so I thought I would honour you with a little insight into my life for the past few months on what has been happening.

So il start with the most obvious thing I have noticed over the last 6 months and that is you little slaves are wanting a lot longer bookings and even on one day, left home at 0800 and didn’t return till 2045, was utterly pampered ( as I should be) but felt physically exhausted after that session, ( it’s not just about me saying do this do that, I take real passion in what I do and want you to go away feeling exhilarated with the session) but that was for only a few hours until I opened all my bags I had got from our little outing, as well as the booking I was very spoilt in acquiring a lot of new clothes ,shoes and jewellery!

If you are not booking longer sessions with me you are buying me lots of my gifts off my amazon wish list….and even one slave made me have to re-do my list as he ( and you know who you are ) bought nearly everything, post man was flat out delivering pressies every day…with the comment of ” you have a lot of admirers, I’ve been here everyday with a new parcel/s, what’s your secret?”…with what I said was ” look at me…wouldn’t you buy me gifts ” ( in my cheeky accent, as you all know how I am on bookings) with the reply of ” can’t fault you ….. Minxy ” hoping I’d be surprised that he knew me….so replied with ” erm, that’s Elite Yorkshire Mistress Minxy to you…..pat!” ” sorry Mistress…forgive me…” Haha even got the bloody postman quivering! Brilliant!!!

Well I’m also going to have to buy a wardrobe especially just for jodhpurs as one fantastic little slave ‘O’ has an infatuation with them and I must receive one pair a week from him…being honest if I could wear them every day for just my normal day to day life I would as they are so bloody comfy…..oooooh I know someone buy me a horse then I can have a reason to wear them outside!! Haha

Well my diary looks good to start touring in the next couple of months, with requests already coming in so think I might start with a few cities as like Bristol, Nottingham, outskirts of London and hopefully if your reading this you can suggest some locations for me to visit….now I’m not just going to a place like a town in the middle of nowhere not just because I can’t, or I want as many subs to come see me ( as if you know me, money doesn’t interest me its your feeling and urge to visit an elite mistress like myself) but I want to relax aswell with some sight seeing and….well yes partying too!

I will also be running a few completions in the near future so that you can win some of my gear/outfits as I have so many and don’t know what to do with them, and at least you will have a little part of me to worship if you cannot visit or get to see me, plus I still look after my Clothes/panty fetish subs too!

So what’s new with my chambers, well I’ve worn out some of my electrical appliances shall we say so have had to replenish those, seriously, I’ve gone through two vibrating wands, a full electric set, one 9″ vibrating dildo…that broke in halve…I shit you not…yes broke in halve, on someone…how the hell do you do that? One pair of flimsy handcuffs (£15) so with that decision I ordered only the expensive hard steel ones (£60-£100),
I’ve updated my attire wardrobe for new role plays and session fetishes.
Sadly have to say I haven’t got any new equipment furniture as of last August, but have laid down instruction to someone to buy me the VAC bed and also looking to acquire the WC stool.

I know from the comments you guys give me upon visiting my chambers that you know that you are in for a great session once you see the expense I provide in my equipment, toys and yes myself, which Leads me onto the next part of the blog;

The comments I get from you guys does make me think about them afterwards from;
(This is not forced, it’s more chatting before and after the sessions)
“Wow….you are the most beautiful woman I have set my eyes upon!”
“I’ve looked around this area and have to say it’s your eyes that drew me to book you, they are so alluring, and I’m so glad I came to see you”
“Well that 3 hour drive has brought me to the bottom of a rainbow, if I had to choose between being a footstool for you or a pot of gold….it would be the gold….only kidding it would be you all day long.”( haha…this was really said aswell! )
“My god, you are stunning….your pictures don’t do you justice!”
“Only expensive gifts for you….here I got you something…”
(Bottle of Chanel No 5, expensive undergarments, new clothes for myself, flowers, and a lovely gift at the end)
These are only a few comments, and yes I know I need to update my testimonials on my web page, I will when I get time and get a few saves to upload their comments.

So for now my little ones I will bid you a safe and happy few weeks until my next updated blog, ooooh and yes still feel free to send me gifts, visit me and uphold my name in your thoughts ever day.

I always say thank you to you guys, so a big ….X….from me, and il speak to you soon x.

Your Mistress Minxy x