Yorkshire Mistress Minxy



Below are some of the feedback I have received or asked for after sessions from different people, you will see I have listed date, name or slave number, visits, position, and where they are from, I have left age and gender as this is not relevant, as I appreciate all my little slaves and they all obey and adore every word I say x

Even though dates are sporadic and large gaps between, I assure you that sessions are still being done throughout, these testimonials are from genuine slaves or customers who have purchased items from my wardrobe x

some people come for the experience or have never done it before and others stay for the best and original excitement of Their life’s x


I just want to say thank you every single one of you for helping Mistress Minxy’s dream to become a reality x

Mistress Minxy x


Mistress Minxy is a wonderful pro dominatrix and I just wanted to say thank you for some incredible sessions and also write a review for the novice.

I’ve sessioned with Mistress Minxy for a long time now but I still remember the first session like it was yesterday. If you’re a novice reading this you’ll know how hard it is to take the first step and then actually going through with it there’s always the urge to back out. Let me tell you how fantastic it is on the other side to help you meet her too.

When I first called Mistress Minxy she very easily put me at ease and we even had a laugh and joke on the phone. Thats her style, witty and personal. I was nervous about meeting her and she said not to worry she wouldn’t wear her leathers when she answered the door on the first time..
Her place is very well equipped and discreet which is perfect for the novice. Once you’re in, wow some of the equipment, the setting and just the atmosphere is amazing and a lot to take in on the first time, you probably wont even remember it. Then there’s Mistress Minxy.. I cant tell you how exciting it is when you first meet and you suddenly realise, this happening for real.

Wondering what she’s like? Well I’m on about session 30 by now so hopefully that says it all. She’s a wonderful mistress, really gets to know you and wants you to come out and tell her of your fantasies, and guess what she’ll play them out with you. All you have to do is let go and Mistress will show you the time of your life, and again and again.

To Mistress Minxy, thank you for some of the best experiences of my life you really are the perfect mistress and look forward to many more fabulous sessions.

Sub R


Imagine that you’d been curious about Domination and submission for more years than you’d care to remember, but due to circumstances you’d never done anything about it. If this is you, I know exactly how you feel.

After some careful research and a few emails with Mistress Minxy, I felt certain that I had found the right person to start my adventure.

Let me assure you that the photographs do not do Mistress justice, this is no exaggeration but I was blown away. I was given directions to a prearranged location, then after contacting Mistress, I was given a final destination. Discretion is a must.

On arrival I was met at the door by Mistress and led to her chamber. After a short discussion my initial nerves passed and I felt at ease and I was certain I’d made the right choice. I was then ordered to strip whilst Mistress stepped out of the room. When she returned the session began.

As I said, this was my first time. Mistress showed me a whole range of different techniques, it was the most amazing 90 minutes I’ve ever experienced. Mistress wore an outfit that I can only describe as perfect. We’d discussed on email when I booked the session how I would like Mistress to dress and the outfit Mistress selected hit every note possible.

The session was exactly what is hoped it would be. So much so, I arranged a second session about a week later but this one was more intense and with harsher punishment.

No matter what level you are as a submissive, I am certain that Mistress Minxy will be able to accommodate you and your submissive needs.

I am looking forward to returning and continuing my training soon. Thank you Mistress for unlocking who I truly am.

Slave Andy.


8th January 2016 Name : (Richard) (Visits : 1 – Will be back!) (Town/City : London) Last updated 16/01/2016


As mistress will say I was a Novice as I haven’t ever tried something like this..ever before!

I arrved 20 minutes prior to our arranged time as I was nervous and sent a cheeky text explaining I was at the allocated destinination, Mistress was very accommodating and said she was ready and I could come early!

I had already explained what I would of liked through the session and had already planned it in my mind how it would go….forget that, after five minutes I knew what ever I had in my mind was out the window, and mistress took charge within the first 30 seconds, and before I knew it the session of 2 hours was over!

As a novice I thought I would just be whipped and chained with a bit of tie and tease thrown in….how I was wrong, one of the best thrills i have ever experienced.

I wanted my first experience with a mistress to set a presendence for all others that I may visit ( told mistress that I only travel a few times a year up north and wanted to see others around my area) and ‘ boy’ the next mistress will be hard to set the same standard!

My advice to any novice who wishes to visit a Professional Mistress is to visit Mistress Minxy, as she puts you at ease and in my mind I trusted her within the first few minutes, which I’m sure any novice or experienced slave will know that Trust is a major part in Dominatrix!

( MISTRESS MINXY – I have edited this testimonial, as what happens in a session is just for you Richard )

just want to finish with this, MISTRESS is one damn sexy woman, dresses to please, and god those eyes are spell bounding!!!

see you sometime this year Mistress x

Richard x


7th October 2015 Name : Melissa (S) (Visits : 2 – ongoing plus numerous tasks and punishments, with me receiving gifts!) (Town : Pontefract) last updated 07/10/2015


I first stumbled across Mistress Minxy by accident, having visited a previous Mistress I was browsing through directories on the off chance of finding the perfect Mistress…and there she was…stunningly beautiful with long blonde flowing hair (one of my many fetish ideals), I knew I had to serve Mistress. My first session with Mistress was a lovely get to know me session, she gave me a taster session with her doing many little tester punishments on me, all the while chatting to me and relaxing me, it was lovely and already after the first session I felt like I had known her for a long time (cliche I know, but it’s true). My second session was equally fantastic but Mistress upped the ante, bending me over her spanking bench and reddening my bottom for being a naughty slave, naughty for what? Mistress doesn’t need a reason and we slaves don’t ask!


image               image

I was then bound with rope to the big red mat on the floor (Mistress is excellent at tying and I was completely helpless and at her mercy) where I was forced to worship her lovely feet and being such a good slave I was rewarded with a drink of Mistress’s champagne.
I am now lucky to have been given my new name melissa by Mistress which I have earned by being true to her and I am so proud, I want to serve this beautiful Mistress for ever and only this Mistress, she really is that good.

image  image  image

Mistress Minxy will take you to slave heaven and back but dare to anger her and you’ll be in slave hell. She is the most gorgeous, sexy and dominant Mistress you’ll find, don’t bother looking elsewhere!

sissy melissa x


20th June 2015 ( Dave) ( visits = 7 – ongoing ) ( Hull – Yorkshire & Humber ) last update 06/10/2015


Well this gorgeous Mistress is costing me a fortune, I’ve only been 3 times….but that’s in the last week!!!
I am already waiting for the next session on Sunday so that will be four by then, and i cant think why i would go any where else to be quite honest!

little bit about me first, widower, Business man and all round worshiper to women!, so when i found Mistress Minxy on one of the other sites i immediately had to book her, and so glad i did, as i have a new hobby now, and yes it cost a bloody fortune but god its worth it!

Each session i have had ( bear in mind i only started last week!) is totally different from the first or the last one i had, i said a silly thing on the last one and said ” bet your running out of ideas now?”….was i wrong and new it to! – flogger + Mistresses Hand = red Bottom!


Her dungeon is great and full of toys and pieces of furniture and she assures me its all hand made, in which i have no doubt it is!

i have been asked to keep this short so i will finish with this, if you wish to visit a supreme Mistress then look no further than Mistress Minxy, she is really great at doing her job and i believe that the little snigger/chuckle she does when she cracks her whip or flogger across your arse makes me think she really loves what she does!

See you Sunday!


18th February 2015 ( JENNIFER- AKA-number one) ( visits = 10 – ongoing ) ( everyday communication ) ( s – North Yorkshire ) last updated 06/10/2015


I have visited Mistress Minxy several times and enjoyed every visit. After building up a lot of trust and understanding with Mistress Minxy during those visits, I finally plucked up the courage to tell Her what my biggest desire was. I dreamed of being feminised. I wished above all else to be forced into becoming a sissy girl. I actually told Her that I was too scared to ask Her to help me start the transition. Thankfully Mistress Minxy recognised that I needed a push so She commanded me to start my transition and declared that She would decide what steps I would take and when. My only job was to obey without question.

P1010861     P1010904     P1010886


Mistress Minxy has chosen my new name. She has also decided that I belong in chastity 24 hours a day. She says that it helps to focus my mind on becoming a good sissy girl for Her. Mistress is slowly increasing the length of my chastity periods with the goal of me being in long term chastity under her control.

P1010882      image      image

My first visit to see Her as Jennifer was so exciting. I was so eager to show Her how much I had learnt about makeup and dressing as Her good girl. As She helped me to transform during the visit, I felt like I had turned a corner. I had achieved something beautiful. I had become Jennifer and she felt sexy. I felt proud showing Mistress how I had practised walking in my red boots. After Mistress took some pictures to remember the visit, She commanded me to my knees and declared that it was time for Jennifer to experience Mistress’s strap-on. It was a beautiful conclusion to the end of the session as Mistress introduced me to my new place in life. A good sissy girl who is eager to please her Mistress in every way.

Mistress Minxy has told me that She plans to demand the keys for my chastity device from me at some point in the future as good sissies have no need for those keys.

image       P1010905      P1010903

A big part of this journey to date has been trust. I trust Mistress Minxy completely to help me keep Jennifer a secret as Mistress trains and shapes Jennifer as a sissy girl.

image               MY GIRL X.              image


I do not know what else Mistress has planned next for me but that is the best part. I am being feminised and I control no part of my transition. Mistress Minxy’s slow but firm approach is slowly moulding me into Her image of a good sissy girl. All whilst protecting me from the fear of being exposed.

image            image

I feel desperate to obey Her. Mistress Minxy must be obeyed.
xx Jennifer xx


16th February 2015 ( CHRIS ) ( visits 4 –  ongoing ) ( Hull – Yorkshire & Humber )last updated 06/10/2015



I was very nervous meeting a new Mistress as I have been doing this for a long time, but unfortunately my old Mistress has moved away.

i have tried various ones over the last 6 months trying to find the perfect one that shall take over my ex Mistress ( who is still very raw in my heart ) but from the moment I walked into Mistress Minxy’s Chambers and saw her my heart sank, and thought ‘ YES’ please let the session go great ( I’ve been to ones in the past 6 months who just tickle and tease then say ‘ ok let’s have a bit???? – not what I’m after! ) and from the start I knew where I belonged, beneath her lovely red boots!

Throughout the session I could not keep my eyes off how stunningly beautiful Mistress was, and how natural she is, be it either walking, staring, or just how she parades herself ( in a great domineering way ) also with uses her toys (THIS SECTION HAS BEEN TAKEN OUT BY MISTRESS MINXY – WHAT GOES ON IN A SESSION IS BETWEEN ME & YOU ) Whilst the bespoke furniture is very well made to suit all sized people, with different links to suit all.

My session went better than I thought it would ( due to being let down before from others ) but should of trusted her from the moment I rang! As I will be a very frequent regular of Mistress Minxys Chambers, as I hope I have found my new Mistress to worship! xx

I’ve been told to keep this short ( Obey ) but just want to explain how easy it was to book with Mistress Minxy;

– Telephone communications was great from the start explaining everything how to book, what session I’m after and address given to carpark

– Venue is very Discreet and easy to find ( Mistress asks you to ring her 10 mins prior and directs you straight into her chambers )

– Chambers are exactly how they look on pictures

– Mistress Minxy …….WOW! – BEAUTIFUL – INTELLIGENT – DOMINEERING – VERY,VERY GOOD AT WHAT SHE DOE’S, the only thing I would say is her pictures don’t do her justice, Yes she looks great, but God when you meet her…..I know I’ve said it a lot but WOW!

Chris x


16th January 2015 ( HAPPY R ) ( visits 6 – ongoing ) ( Doncaster – South Yorkshire ) (dirty bugger he’s swapping between mistresses but always comes back to me as he says I’m his mistress but the rest just shag…..his words! Love him!) last updated 06/10/2015


Mistress had allowed me to choose which of her many stunning outfits I wanted her to wear and she came to the session wearing the most sexiest of basques. She looked awesome! She had already asked me what format I wanted the session to take and she delivered everything I had asked for.

From the moment she told me to “take off all your clothes” I was completely under her magical spell.

We proceeded through my wish list as she began by giving me a good spanking with her hard backed slipper and then a riding crop as I did as I was ordered and knelt on the floor with my backside stuck up in the air!

She had promised me that it would leave no tell tale marks for my wife to see and when she ordered me to “look at you arse in the mirror” I could see that she was right although it was very painful and very red! We continued through my list as she strapped me to the large St.Andrews Cross and teased my cock followed by her tying me to the floor mat as she straddled my face and teased my cock with another instrument of torture and pleasure.

She told me what a naughty boy I was but did of course allow me to ‘ come! ‘

The session just flowed with no clock (but plenty of cock) watching and no sense that mistress was doing anything but enjoying herself! She really is a stunningly beautiful and thoroughly professional lady with a huge personality and sense of fun who you will obey and, like me you will want to return to her again and again!


24th October 2014 ( B.S. ) ( visits 2 – ongoing ) ( East Riding ) last updated 06/06/2015


having met lots of ladies in the past Mistress-minxy certainly picked up my favourite kinks and played them to the full I wont go into great detail as that is between me and the lady in question but lets just say when I left I had a BIG SMILE on my face, she seamed to enjoy herself as much as I did which made a nice change. as the venue gets kitted out with more equipment it is going to be very good place and will be able cover most peoples kinks.
She was dressed in a outfit that showed her figure to the full and she has a body to die for !
I go the impression she could play easy going or to the extreme so be careful what you wish for because she will certainly deliver!!
Not a clock watcher and we even had a nice chat after the session had finished.
I will definitely be going back for another visit.

22nd September 2014 ( number one ) ( visits = 6 changed to Jennifer  ) ( s – North Yorkshire ) last updated 06/10/2015


I was, to be honest, very nervous as always when I arrived, knowing what mistress is like from previous meets, She took control the moment that I stepped through the door. She was very calming and set me at ease whilst also giving me very specific commands. I slipped into obeying Her effortlessly.
Once things started, it was amazing. I was looking for a chance to just let go and give control to someonce else. So there I was kneeling before Her as She locked a collar around my throat. Then She pulled the chain tight and stared into my eyes. It was like the world had faded away and She had become my whole world. Everything that followed was amazing. It kind of blurred together at the time into one unbelievable experience. Yet I can remember each individual part. I didn’t realise at the time but the short pauses actually made the whole experience flow perfectly. The experience lasted exactly as long as planned but I can’t actual remember seeing Mistress Minxy look at a watch or clock. I felt that She was genuinely happy when I obeyed commands and acted as She desired. The final part of the meet was a few questions by Mistress Minxy on whether the meet was what I was hoping for and to think about anything to include next time. I did genuinely did enjoy the experience and whilst I did not feel pressured to plan another visit, I am already planning for the next one.


13th June 2014 ( number one ) ( visits = 3 – ongoing ) ( s – North Yorkshire ) last updated 06/10/2015


The first thing that you will realise when meeting Miss Minxy is that She has Presence with a capital P. She can and will quickly take control and dominate you. Miss Minxy is not one of those mistresses that shouts. She does not need to as She can send a chill down your spine with a calmly spoken question or command.

Miss Minxy enjoys riding Her slaves so prepare to spend time on all fours. Miss Minxy is also an expert at corporal punishment. This could be anything from a light flogging as She rides you to an exquisitely painful caning.

Miss Minxy will help you to explore your limits and in return for your service you leave with the most amazing feeling. I assure you that you will be planning your next visit before you have even left the building.

Written by a slave who has had the privilege of serving Miss Minxy.


June 2nd 2014 ( Simon T  ) ( visits = 1 seized ) ( H – East Yorkshire )


Enjoyed my first ever experience within this art, and Mistress Minxy made me feel at ease as soon as I entered her place, but unfortunately I jumped in feet first and wanted it all, ( in which miss minxy advised me not too, and tried to persuade me to do the latter )……..should of listened, as after the session we had a great chat but don’t think this is for me!

But if you enjoy this sort of thing…..god she’s gonna blow you mind, not just with the session but with her beauty…thanks lovely …wish you did the other as I would be telling my employer to pay my wages straight into your account!!!! Lol take care hunny x


May 27th 2014 ( Lee Mc ) ( visits = 5 – Experienced) ( G – East Riding ) last updated 06/10/2015


Big yes and I’m so glad I found you, I asked you not to number me and you have’nt done so, thank you , and I know what number I am and will obey every word that comes from that perfect mouth of yours x

Now seriously guys & girls if you are after the perfect mistress, and you have tried others and think you have tried the best or looking just for that little bit more excitement……then look no further………STOP RIGHT HERE!!!!!!

Mistress is more than ample for any male or female, and the best thing is she’s a proper woman, down to earth, beautiful & great at her job…..don’t underestimate her she will snap you into place by a glance of her big blue eyes……

Mistress you are my Mistress x

Lmc x


30th march 2014 ( Number three ) ( visits = 2 – ongoing ) ( G – North Lincs )


Powerful, intelligent, feared, OCD, & beautiful, is some of the words I would describe Mistress Minxy, her presence in any room would make you glance and then take a second look at my Mistress.

You hear people say “I’m discreet ” when using these services, but I assure you discretion is Mistress Minxy’s middle name…..I just want to share this with you;

” I was walking through Doncaster City centre when I caught a glimpse of Mistress walking towards me, I was with my family and the sudden fear took over, oh no is she going to say ‘ hi ‘ to me? Is she going to command me to do a task? Is she going to look at me in a way I will be found out? ( my family don’t know! ) my heart was racing, not through fear of being found out, but knowing what  ‘ Mistress ‘ does to me, seeing her made my knees go to jelly and i even started to sweat!…….not a glimpse from them blue eyes or acknowledgement that I was even there came from Mistress, she looked totally different – Elegant and sophisticated ( Young Vera Lynn sprung to mind, the way she looked and dressed ), I was a total wreck but Mistress just took it in her stride….brilliant!

My sessions always last for 2 hours ( MISTRESS MINXY has taken this wording out as session explanations of what happens is between myself and you ), I wish I could do more, but I’m already asking for my next meet as I’m walking out of her premises.

Thank You Mistress x


March – present day (Debbie x) (items purchased = 12) (Southern England)

Cross Dresser

I have repeatedly obtained worn knickers and other items of lingerie from Miss Minxy and must say she is a great seller.

I always feel she is giving me a good service aimed at pleasing me.

Her items are prepared for me just the way I want them and she takes the time to make sure I get what I ask for quickly and with no hassle or awkwardness to boot.

She is very understanding, discrete and seems happy to oblige, which makes her a pleasure to deal with! If I were located nearer I would be tempted to visit her for some DOMME sessions too as she has gained my trust and I would be sure she would deliver exactly as agreed.

Miss Minxy is truly sexy and seems very accepting of all my kinky desires. With her confidence and acceptance of the person I am and having had great experience from interacting with her, I will always come back for more again and again.

Debbie x

Cross-Dresser and Panty sniffer!