My love for Latex

This years plan was to build my collection of latex outfits and I’ve achieved quite a few items.
I purchased the latex from honour clothing as it’s a company of quality and affordable prices plus I know it will fit my curvy figure.
I’ve a range of dresses, skirts, tops, bras, girdles,
Bodysuits, stockings and a bolero jacket and will continue to grow my collection even more so.
I enjoy the feel of it on my curves and the power it gives me wearing it plus I’m addicted to the smell of the rubber.
The joy I get wearing it in my sessions makes me feel very sexy as it’s clings to every curve as any size women can wear it and feel super sexy.
My plan is to buy latex for my Submissive’s to wear when we session and we both will enjoy same feeling when we play.
So if your wanting to see my wardrobe grow with my love of latex, you can help towards the cost by buying me an amazon gift card or going on my wish list and buying me as it will feel more personal x

Mistress Minxy