September 2016

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Hello my little ones,

So for you eager beavers waiting for me to write something, this is what has happened over the last 6 months.

So what I have I been up too then….so since March I have acquired many many new toys with my favourite toy being the paddle with spikes that don’t half hurt when used properly! With many new out fits that I have been generously bought for me (too many to mention) but I do like my leather full bdsm outfit….very revealing but with the hot weather has come as a lovely cool outfit to wear within my chambers…plus the slaves eyes light up when they see this little number!!

My client base has grown with new members who visit me frequently and not forgetting my regulars who still surprise me with lavish gifts and in a way have become good friends…knowing never to cross that LINE , but with a knowledge that this is the norm for their monthly bills!
My existence and Name has reached far a field with clients visiting me from Norway, Germany,France, Spain, Greece,Sweden, Dubai and even one who was visiting family from New Zealand who booked in advanced but admitted after his 3rd visit in a week that the reason he came to the UK was to visit me! ….lots of gifts were presented and one that does stick in my mind was a full lingerie set and having taken home to look at it found a cheeky price tag equating to the sum of £179.00 which is now being frequently used by myself on my normal girl night outs….imagine seeing me whilst you have a quiet drink with your partner or mates in a pub in Leeds or York and your eyes beaming knowing I’m your mistress, but knowing I maybe wearing an alluring lingerie set under my elegant dress….now that’s a thought that might get you spanked harder!

Yes it has been an eventful year with the so so wannabes who ring, book then fail to commit to visiting me, but with everyone 1 Timewaster there is 4 real slaves who wish for their fantasy and fetishes to come alive and as an Elite Mistress I must show thanks to you Guys/Girls for the respect, etiquette and fun times that have been in our sessions….also the knowledge that I am your mistress and no lines have ever been crossed…well maybe the odd times you cheeky boys have asked for a quick peek of mistress nude….and you know you made a mistake when you can’t sit down for days after! Haha!

I have in the last year advertised on a lot more sites and invested a lot of your ‘Gifts’ on new appliances, clothing and toys which any good business woman will, and not just squander ‘Gifts’ on silly nights out or stupid things, your investment is only making me well known across the globe and my name ‘ Mistress Minxy ‘ whispered under tongue that I am elite in what I do, and have even appeared in magazines, and even had a lot of international Pro Dommes asking if they can work with me here in the UK and over in their countries, which is always flattering, as I know I must be good at what I do or they wouldn’t even contemplate contacting me!

I have major plans that will be coming into effect within the next month on venue, more appearances of mistress and maybe a tour starting in spring 2017, with foremost on my list for new furniture and different room scenarios!

Now I will try and keep up to date with more blog writing and will keep you all up to date with new ventures and upcoming appearance dates….my best advice is follow me on Twitter ….or should that be GET following me!

Until next time my sweets…..X

Your Mistress Minxy x