North Yorkshire Mistress Minxy

Breath control/queening


Yorkshire Mistress

This session is available to more of the experienced slave

Ever wondered how long you can endure a lady sitting on your face controlling your breathing and hearing you whimper makes me push you to your limits.

Please take this session as not a simple ‘ sit and lick ‘ as a lot have found out the hard way,  I maybe fully clothed, in my leathers or just knickers on, knowing you maybe tied and gagged, not been able to touch or have control over you’re breathing will excite you to levels of fear you have never had before.

TRUST is the main word within this meet, you must trust me in every action I do, I have done this many times and always have the same response after the session…….’ Mind Blowing Experience ‘ , don’t think it’s just a woman sitting on your face, this is a domineering and submission session in which you will love if your an experienced Slave and may whimper if your a novice.

The most common frequently asked question is ‘ you do face sitting? So can I lick you out? ‘ ooooh dear slave wanna-be research before you ask this, as it might surprise you it’s not just about a ‘ lick & a flick ‘ D/S comes into play a lot!

But if you have read this far then maybe you want this session and you are a worthy slave to indulge in this, clear your mind as this will be something you will remember……I promise you this……!

This session is available for 30 minutes to 60 minutes ( I can include this in other activities if you wish )