North Yorkshire Mistress Minxy



Yorkshire Mistress

This experience can be catered from Novice to Experienced slaves, from slight soft caning to full marking.

Caning, Whipping or Flogging can be what you wish it to be, from a slight ” naughty boy/girl ” to full on ” disobedient Slave” who should be punished to the extent that they can’t take no more.

If a cane is to be used, you will either bring your own Cane or one will be provided for you as I only use your own or new canes throughout your session.

( cleanliness and understandably hygiene is the foremost importance )

If I provide a cane for you there will be an additional charge added to the ” gift ” price, as this won’t be any old cane, it will be padded for my hands in my red leather.

( please make sure your cane is concealed when on arrival…..a poster tube is usually the best)

Mistress Minxy will dress in role play costumes, i.e…headmistress, teacher, Boss, naught nurse, PVC or leathers, please ask when booking. You can be naked or just trousers round your ankles and bent across my knee, or even strapped to my St Andrews Cross, begging & pleading for forgiveness for being a naughty slave.

A strike card can be provided for more experienced slaves.

Sessions will last from 30 to 60 minutes.