North Yorkshire Mistress Minxy

CBT ( cock-ball-torture )


Yorkshire Mistress

CBT – Mistress Minxy’s favourite session x

Well with this experience it can be from Novice to Experienced 

CBT is an acronym of Cock-Ball-Torture, and hence the quote above is Mistress Minxy’s favourite session!, once you strip down and have your “Baby Maker” on show….your awareness will be heightened as you are stood not knowing how the session will start..but don’t worry ( ha ha ) il take care of you….

You maybe chained from your CBT parachute to your Nipple Clips that will unfortunately be connected to either my leather chain or my thick metallic linked chain. tugging, pulling and jerking will be involved, whilst your hands and feet are tied and not able to reach, I may ride you as my pony ……but steady don’t let  Mistress Minxy fall as punishment will be imminent.

Your chastity belt can be used as Mistress Minxy’s weapon of choice ( as pictured above) so be prepared to give up your keys.

6mm resin rope can be used and I’ve mastered the art of tying rope in a certain position in which a simple whimper from my slave will result in a torturous screech…

Mistress Minxy will dress as she pleases, this session is not about you getting off per say as more of me doing what I want!

Please really think about this session if you love this sort of thing you will really, really enjoy, if you never tried I can ease you into it. x

Sessions can last from 30 to 120 minutes.