North Yorkshire Mistress Minxy

Foot Worship


This is suitable for the more foot fetish slaves – be prepared.

All I can say is ” do you really think your worthy to kiss my feet? ”

If you think your a slug, snail or Ant…..then NO your not, as these insects are strong and powerfull……your a cockroach who needs crushing under my size 6  shoes, heels or stamping boots……want to read more then maybe this is for you!

Sitting in front of your Mistress waiting eagerly as a pathetic puppy for just one glimpse of her toes or soles, sniffing the air for a whiff of my feet, wishing and wanting them to be placed gently on the side of your face……or pinning you down with my left foot on your cheek crushing you whilst my right foot swipes your nostrils, smelling them as they cross and rub together then …….STAMP…..STAMP……STAMP…….

Mistress can wear her high heel peep toes, flats, knee height boots or just naked feet, whilst wearing a sensual seductive mint velvet dress…..are you looking up my dress?……..STAMP….STAMP……STAMP…..

if I allow you, you can paint my nails, massage my feet, rub and kiss them passionately, or even sit and admire them whilst I read my magazine, or use you as a foot stool….you made my feet fall……..STAMP……STAMP……STAMP….

You must really want to become my Foot Slave if you wish to participate in sessions with me as this isn’t just about meeting me once a month, it can take up a lot of your time and effort, you will be numbered as a slave, and you will have no name, this experience can get pricey and you will start at the bottom, Being NUMBER ONE is not easy and is only available if NUMBER ONE messes up, which he never does, that’s why he is NUMBER ONE.

if you wish to be NUMBERED then this experience is for you……you have been warned, prepare to serve your Mistress.

sessions last for 30 minutes to 4 hours, plus the emails and gifts that are lavished upon me…….x