North Yorkshire Mistress Minxy

Total Domination & Humilation


Yorkshire Mistress

This session is suitable from novices to experienced slaves.

Within this session you will be subjected to obeidence, commands and total domination, there will be pain inflicted upon you from slight spanking to full marks ( novices please ask if you would prefer no marks ) you will have no control over what happens throughout the meet.

You will be under the control of Mistress and will be powerless to control any of your emotions and actions, you will be tied, hooded and gagged.

Full furniture equipment may be used from strapped to the ST Andrews Cross to being locked away in a cage.

Humiliation will flow throughout the session, from spitting in your face to name calling or use of a strap on to making you gag on instruments……you are my little bitch.

Code words are a must for this session and will be discussed with yourself prior to the meet, and then reiterated before the session begins.

This session is available for 60 minutes Or up to 4 hours x