North Yorkshire Mistress Minxy

I Want It ALL!!


  • Suitable for the slave who wants it all x
  • The price for this session isn’t printed or advertised any where else, apart from my website, so before you read any further please see below x
  • £2000.00 – £5000.00 +

This session is only available exclusively within the UK and will only be also available after 3 meets, once I feel comfortable with you, no ifs no butts. X

I will subject you to every session including the shopping experience, you will have no reserve on money or gifts and will only choose to do this session if fully committed, even though we are now hitting four figured numbers there will never be any sexual interference this will always stand… agreed so let’s play a different game.

I am not some tanned 21 year old size 6, long legged and made up to the hilt……

I am Mistress Minxy someone who needs to be obeyed and admired, taking in my stride as I walk into a room, and on your arm standing there as everyone asks……’ Who’s she? ‘

‘ She ‘ is someone to be seen with, funny, enjoyable to be with, elegant and sophisticated, not once will I embarrass you or belittle you, but underneath your heart pounds with the knowledge at one glance from my eyes or a snap of the fingers………you will be submissive.

People call this the GFE experience…..I call it the Mistress M. experience as you know this isn’t about sex, this isn’t the GFE it’s a privilege to be in my essence.

You must feel comfortable yourself before requesting this session, again I’m not after taking every penny you have, I want you to feel special aswell.

You will have a choice of what happens through the day ( Again no sex )

All expenses and shopping, plus above pricing will be charged to you…..again I buy dinner up to you where we dine as it will be breakfast, dinner and tea x

This session starts at 0900 and finishes at 1900 which is a total of 10 hours, hotel is a must for this booking and is at your expense……4* plus please x