North Yorkshire Mistress Minxy



Suitable for people who wish for Mistresses Spring Water to be drank or poured onto their body x

Most people snear at the thought of someone ‘ peeing ‘ on somebody, but I look at it this way…..if you wish for a mistress to use her spring water from between her legs, it’s actually classed as owning said slave, heart and soul, knowing said slave will from then onwards be a part of his/her mistress, No is not an option any more, you will listen, obey and jump at every command I issue.

Any person can just in a way ‘ squat and pee on someone ‘ but the experience of this session shall and will take over your emotions and expectations.

i will not be naked from waist down, I only pee through the knickers I’m wearing in which of course is offered to said slave as a souvenir to keep and cherish…..( please wash after 24 hours ….chemicals react and ammonia may take over….how do I know….it’s been done before )

within this session you maybe subjected to humiliation and spanking, and you must take every drop and never ever spill!

Equipment used needs to be prepared prior to meet, so no ‘ off the cuff ‘ requests, you MUST ask this prior to coming.

This is available for 30 minutes ( can be included in other activities ) we