North Yorkshire Mistress Minxy


Suitable for All who can’t visit me for real!

How can I book a webcam session with you?

You can simply ring me to discuss a date and time that will suit both parties, and this will be a confirmed booking.

All sessions are at my chambers and cannot do at a drop of a hat, so please respect this.

All sessions are done by Skype so please make sure you have Skype!

You can either watch a session taking place ( with the permission of said slave) or just with us whilst I dominate you over webcam.

With timings and pricing for a session is as follows;

15 minutes – £40.00

30 minutes – £60.00

45 minutes – £80.00

60 minutes – £100.00

payment preferences are as follows;




This is a session can be for novices or experienced slaves.