Starting real time sessions after covid 19

This year has been a strange year for all of us.

The pandemic of covid has caused a drastic halt of myself and other dommes of the bdsm community to not be able to do what we love and are passionate about is face to face kinky play in our play space.

Now we are able to session face to face again there are protocols to make sure myself and the client will be safe to the highest standards.

Strict rules must be adhered at all times.

Once you enter my door, you will have your temperature checked.
You will wash your hands and wear a disposable mask provided by me immediately.
Hand sanitizer will be provided for extra precaution too.
Mistress will be wearing a mask aswell to prevent any droplets as prevention is better from both of us.
Mistress will be wearing disposable gloves all through the session as not touching you would be impossible in kinky play.

If you do not adhere to my strict rules you shall be asked to leave my premises immediately.

I do not want to hear excuses telling me you can’t wear masks as you won’t enjoy the session. The answer is tough this is the new normal. This shows you don’t respect your health or mine. Get used to it as we will be wearing them for a long time.

Mistress won’t be doing certain sessions.

Spitting or water sports.

So please do not ask.

Respect the rules and we shall enjoy once again.