Testimonial from Chris


I was very nervous meeting a new Mistress as I have been doing this for a long time, but unfortunately my old Mistress has moved away.

i have tried various ones over the last 6 months trying to find the perfect one that shall take over my ex Mistress ( who is still very raw in my heart ) but from the moment I walked into Mistress Minxy’s Chambers and saw her my heart sank, and thought ‘ YES’ please let the session go great ( I’ve been to ones in the past 6 months who just tickle and tease then say ‘ ok let’s have a bit???? – not what I’m after! ) and from the start I knew where I belonged, beneath her lovely red boots!

Throughout the session I could not keep my eyes off how stunningly beautiful Mistress was, and how natural she is, be it either walking, staring, or just how she parades herself ( in a great domineering way ) also with uses her toys (THIS SECTION HAS BEEN TAKEN OUT BY MISTRESS MINXY – WHAT GOES ON IN A SESSION IS BETWEEN ME & YOU ) Whilst the bespoke furniture is very well made to suit all sized people, with different links to suit all.

My session went better than I thought it would ( due to being let down before from others ) but should of trusted her from the moment I rang! As I will be a very frequent regular of Mistress Minxys Chambers, as I hope I have found my new Mistress to worship! xx

I’ve been told to keep this short ( Obey ) but just want to explain how easy it was to book with Mistress Minxy;

– Telephone communications was great from the start explaining everything how to book, what session I’m after and address given to carpark

– Venue is very Discreet and easy to find ( Mistress asks you to ring her 10 mins prior and directs you straight into her chambers )

– Chambers are exactly how they look on pictures

– Mistress Minxy …….WOW! – BEAUTIFUL – INTELLIGENT – DOMINEERING – VERY,VERY GOOD AT WHAT SHE DOE’S, the only thing I would say is her pictures don’t do her justice, Yes she looks great, but God when you meet her…..I know I’ve said it a lot but WOW!

Chris x