Testimonial from Dave

Well this gorgeous Mistress is costing me a fortune, I’ve only been 3 times….but that’s in the last week!!!
I am already waiting for the next session on Sunday so that will be four by then, and i cant think why i would go any where else to be quite honest!

little bit about me first, widower, Business man and all round worshiper to women!, so when i found Mistress Minxy on one of the other sites i immediately had to book her, and so glad i did, as i have a new hobby now, and yes it cost a bloody fortune but god its worth it!

Each session i have had ( bear in mind i only started last week!) is totally different from the first or the last one i had, i said a silly thing on the last one and said ” bet your running out of ideas now?”….was i wrong and new it to! – flogger + Mistresses Hand = red Bottom!

Her dungeon is great and full of toys and pieces of furniture and she assures me its all hand made, in which i have no doubt it is!

i have been asked to keep this short so i will finish with this, if you wish to visit a supreme Mistress then look no further than Mistress Minxy, she is really great at doing her job and i believe that the little snigger/chuckle she does when she cracks her whip or flogger across your arse makes me think she really loves what she does!

See you Sunday!