Testimonial from Happy R

Mistress had allowed me to choose which of her many stunning outfits I wanted her to wear and she came to the session wearing the most sexiest of basques. She looked awesome! She had already asked me what format I wanted the session to take and she delivered everything I had asked for.

From the moment she told me to “take off all your clothes” I was completely under her magical spell.

We proceeded through my wish list as she began by giving me a good spanking with her hard backed slipper and then a riding crop as I did as I was ordered and knelt on the floor with my backside stuck up in the air!

She had promised me that it would leave no tell tale marks for my wife to see and when she ordered me to “look at you arse in the mirror” I could see that she was right although it was very painful and very red! We continued through my list as she strapped me to the large St.Andrews Cross and teased my cock followed by her tying me to the floor mat as she straddled my face and teased my cock with another instrument of torture and pleasure.

She told me what a naughty boy I was but did of course allow me to ‘ come! ‘

The session just flowed with no clock (but plenty of cock) watching and no sense that mistress was doing anything but enjoying herself! She really is a stunningly beautiful and thoroughly professional lady with a huge personality and sense of fun who you will obey and, like me you will want to return to her again and again!