Testimonial from Jennifer

I was, to be honest, very nervous as always when I arrived, knowing what mistress is like from previous meets, She took control the moment that I stepped through the door. She was very calming and set me at ease whilst also giving me very specific commands. I slipped into obeying Her effortlessly.
Once things started, it was amazing. I was looking for a chance to just let go and give control to someonce else. So there I was kneeling before Her as She locked a collar around my throat. Then She pulled the chain tight and stared into my eyes. It was like the world had faded away and She had become my whole world. Everything that followed was amazing. It kind of blurred together at the time into one unbelievable experience. Yet I can remember each individual part. I didn’t realise at the time but the short pauses actually made the whole experience flow perfectly. The experience lasted exactly as long as planned but I can’t actual remember seeing Mistress Minxy look at a watch or clock. I felt that She was genuinely happy when I obeyed commands and acted as She desired. The final part of the meet was a few questions by Mistress Minxy on whether the meet was what I was hoping for and to think about anything to include next time. I did genuinely did enjoy the experience and whilst I did not feel pressured to plan another visit, I am already planning for the next one.