Testimonial from Number One

The first thing that you will realise when meeting Miss Minxy is that She has Presence with a capital P. She can and will quickly take control and dominate you. Miss Minxy is not one of those mistresses that shouts. She does not need to as She can send a chill down your spine with a calmly spoken question or command.

Miss Minxy enjoys riding Her slaves so prepare to spend time on all fours. Miss Minxy is also an expert at corporal punishment. This could be anything from a light flogging as She rides you to an exquisitely painful caning.

Miss Minxy will help you to explore your limits and in return for your service you leave with the most amazing feeling. I assure you that you will be planning your next visit before you have even left the building.

Written by a slave who has had the privilege of serving Miss Minxy.