Testimonial from number three

Powerful, intelligent, feared, OCD, & beautiful, is some of the words I would describe Mistress Minxy, her presence in any room would make you glance and then take a second look at my Mistress.

You hear people say “I’m discreet ” when using these services, but I assure you discretion is Mistress Minxy’s middle name…..I just want to share this with you;

” I was walking through Doncaster City centre when I caught a glimpse of Mistress walking towards me, I was with my family and the sudden fear took over, oh no is she going to say ‘ hi ‘ to me? Is she going to command me to do a task? Is she going to look at me in a way I will be found out? ( my family don’t know! ) my heart was racing, not through fear of being found out, but knowing what ‘ Mistress ‘ does to me, seeing her made my knees go to jelly and i even started to sweat!…….not a glimpse from them blue eyes or acknowledgement that I was even there came from Mistress, she looked totally different – Elegant and sophisticated ( Young Vera Lynn sprung to mind, the way she looked and dressed ), I was a total wreck but Mistress just took it in her stride….brilliant!

My sessions always last for 2 hours ( MISTRESS MINXY has taken this wording out as session explanations of what happens is between myself and you ), I wish I could do more, but I’m already asking for my next meet as I’m walking out of her premises.

Thank You Mistress x