Testimonial from Richard

As mistress will say I was a Novice as I haven’t ever tried something like this..ever before!

I arrved 20 minutes prior to our arranged time as I was nervous and sent a cheeky text explaining I was at the allocated destinination, Mistress was very accommodating and said she was ready and I could come early!

I had already explained what I would of liked through the session and had already planned it in my mind how it would go….forget that, after five minutes I knew what ever I had in my mind was out the window, and mistress took charge within the first 30 seconds, and before I knew it the session of 2 hours was over!

As a novice I thought I would just be whipped and chained with a bit of tie and tease thrown in….how I was wrong, one of the best thrills i have ever experienced.

I wanted my first experience with a mistress to set a presendence for all others that I may visit ( told mistress that I only travel a few times a year up north and wanted to see others around my area) and ‘ boy’ the next mistress will be hard to set the same standard!

My advice to any novice who wishes to visit a Professional Mistress is to visit Mistress Minxy, as she puts you at ease and in my mind I trusted her within the first few minutes, which I’m sure any novice or experienced slave will know that Trust is a major part in Dominatrix!

( MISTRESS MINXY – I have edited this testimonial, as what happens in a session is just for you Richard )

just want to finish with this, MISTRESS is one damn sexy woman, dresses to please, and god those eyes are spell bounding!!!

see you sometime this year Mistress x

Richard x