Testimonial from Sub Andy

Imagine that you’d been curious about Domination and submission for more years than you’d care to remember, but due to circumstances you’d never done anything about it. If this is you, I know exactly how you feel.

After some careful research and a few emails with Mistress Minxy, I felt certain that I had found the right person to start my adventure.

Let me assure you that the photographs do not do Mistress justice, this is no exaggeration but I was blown away. I was given directions to a prearranged location, then after contacting Mistress, I was given a final destination. Discretion is a must.

On arrival I was met at the door by Mistress and led to her chamber. After a short discussion my initial nerves passed and I felt at ease and I was certain I’d made the right choice. I was then ordered to strip whilst Mistress stepped out of the room. When she returned the session began.

As I said, this was my first time. Mistress showed me a whole range of different techniques, it was the most amazing 90 minutes I’ve ever experienced. Mistress wore an outfit that I can only describe as perfect. We’d discussed on email when I booked the session how I would like Mistress to dress and the outfit Mistress selected hit every note possible.

The session was exactly what is hoped it would be. So much so, I arranged a second session about a week later but this one was more intense and with harsher punishment.

No matter what level you are as a submissive, I am certain that Mistress Minxy will be able to accommodate you and your submissive needs.

I am looking forward to returning and continuing my training soon. Thank you Mistress for unlocking who I truly am.

Slave Andy.