Testimonial from Sub R

Mistress Minxy is a wonderful pro dominatrix and I just wanted to say thank you for some incredible sessions and also write a review for the novice.

I’ve sessioned with Mistress Minxy for a long time now but I still remember the first session like it was yesterday. If you’re a novice reading this you’ll know how hard it is to take the first step and then actually going through with it there’s always the urge to back out. Let me tell you how fantastic it is on the other side to help you meet her too.

When I first called Mistress Minxy she very easily put me at ease and we even had a laugh and joke on the phone. Thats her style, witty and personal. I was nervous about meeting her and she said not to worry she wouldn’t wear her leathers when she answered the door on the first time..
Her place is very well equipped and discreet which is perfect for the novice. Once you’re in, wow some of the equipment, the setting and just the atmosphere is amazing and a lot to take in on the first time, you probably wont even remember it. Then there’s Mistress Minxy.. I cant tell you how exciting it is when you first meet and you suddenly realise, this happening for real.

Wondering what she’s like? Well I’m on about session 30 by now so hopefully that says it all. She’s a wonderful mistress, really gets to know you and wants you to come out and tell her of your fantasies, and guess what she’ll play them out with you. All you have to do is let go and Mistress will show you the time of your life, and again and again.

To Mistress Minxy, thank you for some of the best experiences of my life you really are the perfect mistress and look forward to many more fabulous sessions.

Sub R