Well what can I say, you may think we’re are here for a joke then your wrong.

We are not here for you to take piss out of, were are here to fulfil a fantasy for kinky submissives who want to be in a safe environment of an experienced dominatrix.

Your typical TIMEWASTER

calls and makes an arrangement and then doesn’t bother turning up no apology nothing.

In my eyes your are pencilled in as a TIMEWASTER never to get the chance again.

It’s the same as making an appointment at your doctors or your dentist and not turning up on many occasions they will eventually strike you off.

You only get one chance with me simple.

Another typical TIMEWASTER

Calls up sounds very genuine and as soon as you’ve hung up, they start texting you random questions that we have already discussed. Annoying instant BLOCK.

Let’s put it like this MR TIMEWASTER

We dominatrices are not thick or forgetful we are more than that.