North Yorkshire Mistress Minxy

Yorkshire Mistress 

Whilst the majority of my slaves are very respectful and polite when contacting me, and visiting my premises, some slaves do need educating on how they conduct them selfs in how to treat a Mistress, from a simple email, telephone call, when arriving/departing from my premises or even when in session.

Discretion at all times from both parties needs to be the foremost importance whilst contacting or visiting me.

Below are some rules that need to be followed from the start of contacting Mistress Minxy, and should always be obeyed and never broken.



  1. Be polite and courteous when speaking to me, any abusive language or “asking for sexual services” will not be tolerated and you will blocked on my phone as “time waster loser” and will not be answered, either by text, call or answer phone, you will simply be forgotten……
  2. Mistress Minxy mobile phone is switched on from 1000 and switched off at 2000 every day without fail, I do not change times or forget to switch off, all questions/enquires before or after these times should be contacted through email.
  3. Any voicemails left before or after these times will be deleted and not even heard – WHY? – you have not read this page, and if you can’t follow simple rules then how do I aspect you to show decorum whilst in session?
  4. If you do text me I will send back “ring me” this means I will speak to you – but doesn’t mean I will stay on the phone as a ” sex chat line” it just means I want to find out what sort of session is suitable for you, I will not send text after text, if you don’t respect the text I sent you I will not respond.
  5. any withheld numbers will not be answered……full stop!.
  6. Sending pictures of your “baby maker” does not turn me on and will be deleted…..remember I’m not interested in how big it is, I just want to stamp on it!
  7. Why won’t you answer your phone, I’ve rung between the times you asked?
  • I might be in session
  • I may be with someone And don’t wish for them to hear the conversation
  • I’m speaking to someone else on the phone
  • I may be on holiday – in those circumstances please email me, as it will say  On my response.
  • You have been blocked due to either Time wasting or being verbally abusive on the phone.



  1. Do not just send “hi” to me, if you wish to speak to me tell me about you and what session you would like, please keep in mind I do not wish to read an essay.
  2. When you email me you will get an auto response signature, I will try to respond back to you when I get chance, I’m not always available to respond straight away.
  3. make sure your email is not spam related, as this will be ignored and blocked from receiving them.
  4. I will not play ” tennis email” with you, I just don’t have the time..
  5. do not send pictures with emails, if I wish to receive them I will ask for them.
  6. Any abusive emails will be deleted and blocked, please respect me at all times.
  7. why won’t you respond to my emails?
  • It may be in my junk emails – I only check once a week for them
  • You sent me a picture attached to your email
  • You keep emailing but not wanting to book a session, just chat, I haven’t got time for that.
  • you have asked me for a picture of myself to verify it’s me??? I don’t spend money and time on websites and promoting myself on other sites if I’m not real.
  • You just sent your mobile number and said contact me….



  1. Always be discreet when arriving and departing my premises, don’t stand outside for ages holding your mobile phone waiting for me to call you, I will see and not allow the visit to happen.
  2. The premises you are visiting has a large car park right outside and is free, but I must tell you – any damage or theft is not the responsibility of MISTRESS MINXY.
  3. My premises are surrounded by other businesses so please respect this, don’t ” ask around” where I’m located.
  4. you will be informed of the car park address when booking, and will be directed to the premises once you arrive by telephone, so make sure you have it switched on ( always arrive 10 minutes prior to meeting time)
  5. Please don’t show up holding your ‘CANE’ in your hand, I will not answer the door.
  6. any equipment I ask you to bring with you must be in a secure bag – I.e..gym bag, not a tesco carrier bag!
  7. why didn’t you answer the door when I knocked?
  • You was dressed in only your leathers!
  • You was carrying your visible ‘CANE’ in your hands.
  • You are not alone and the meeting is for only you.
  • You haven’t disclosed you was in a wheel chair, I don’t have a problem with this, but these premises are not equipped for access for wheel chairs.
  • You are drunk or on drugs, I do not tolerate this.



  1. All sessions will be discussed prior to meeting and not diverted from original request from you, as timings are a must whilst the meeting is in progress.
  2. OBEY ever command from beginning to end of session.
  3. Any insinuation to ask for sexual intercourse with me will not be tolerated and you will be asked to leave – with no refund.
  4. Any abusive language or physical presence from you will again not be tolerated and you will be asked to leave – with no refund.
  5. Always be on time, no excuses for lateness, set off in plenty of time, session time will be taken into consideration, and will be deducted from your booking – full price of session will still stand.
  6. Do not ask to use my amenities whilst in session, unfortunately people have taken things from me before so I wish for you not to use them.
  7. Code words are there for both myself and you, please use them.
  8. why did you stop my session?
  • You was not very clean, so I asked you to leave.
  • I didn’t feel comfortable with the way you was acting.
  • You asked me for sex within the session.
  • You didn’t bring the correct money, or haggled with the price.
  • You smell of alcohol & could not speak/walk properly.
  • You was wanting to film/photograph the session and I told you not too.
  • you was crying and inconsolable so I asked you to leave.



All webcam sessions will be at my Chambers and not ‘willy nilly’ so I can’t do it at a drop of a hat, please respect this!
When a confirmed booking is arranged by both parties I expect the following courtesy as if you was visiting me for real in person.
What happens if?;
1. Your internet fails? – not my problem, I have spent quite a bit of money on a wide range of technology and a strong router for my premises, so know it can’t be my mistake!
2. There is a power cut at my place or yours? – if this can be proven then another session can be arranged, but being honest….not paying your electric is not a suitable piece of evidence!
3. What if my wife/partner walks in whilst in session, can I rearrange, and not pay again? – really? Sort it out when you know your free!
4. Why won’t you answer your phone? I want a session now please. – a, 0300 is my beauty sleep time, b, I’m in real time session, c, you have tried before and just wasted my time so have you blocked under Timewaster, d, I am busy, ring back later.
5. You want to finish early, can you get a refund? – Nope!
6. If at any point you become abusive, rude or just plain arrogant and won’t allow the session to flow how I want it to go, remember I’m a MISTRESS, I will warn you then I will terminate the webcam session, please be respectful and understand that I am an experienced Pro Dominatrix and will not tolerate such behaviour.