North Yorkshire Mistress Minxy

CP ( Corporal Punishment )


Yorkshire Mistress

This is suitable for a VERY Experienced Slave ( please read below )

CP or as everyone knows it as ‘ Corporal Punishment ‘ isn’t for the light hearted or just after a quick fix, this session has been designed from start to finish incorporating …..pain, punishment, tasks and rewards.

You will endure pain, torture and CBT, making your willingness to proceed reading means you wish for this to happen.

This isn’t  for the faint hearted, as I tie your ‘ baby maker and balls ‘ tugging and thrashing it till it’s red rore, making your nipples stand out with fear and obviously a couple of tongs attached, chilling screech will run through your body as I exert you to pain and enthralment upon my actions upon you.

My cage will be waiting as you try to please your mistress in all her orders……one slip of disobedience and the last thing you will hear is the steel catch of the lock being clicked into place, securing you in a barred cage hearing you sigh as I walk away in disgust….

You must be prepared to take on any punishment I Command you to do, any and I mean any….disobedience…from you will not be tolerated and you will feel the full strike of my cane ( or closest instrument ) towards your anatomy.

I urge you to really think about this session as I don’t hold back, so for the Novices of this art, maybe start with something else then work up to this stage x

I will be dressed in my PVC or leather outfits for this meet and you will be stripped naked, gagged and hooded also chained to whatever I proceed is relevant.

All I will say is ‘ EYES ‘.

This session is available for 60 minutes to 120 minutes x