Testimonial from Jennifer

I have visited Mistress Minxy several times and enjoyed every visit. After building up a lot of trust and understanding with Mistress Minxy during those visits, I finally plucked up the courage to tell Her what my biggest desire was. I dreamed of being feminised. I wished above all else to be forced into becoming a sissy girl. I actually told Her that I was too scared to ask Her to help me start the transition. Thankfully Mistress Minxy recognised that I needed a push so She commanded me to start my transition and declared that She would decide what steps I would take and when. My only job was to obey without question.

Mistress Minxy has chosen my new name. She has also decided that I belong in chastity 24 hours a day. She says that it helps to focus my mind on becoming a good sissy girl for Her. Mistress is slowly increasing the length of my chastity periods with the goal of me being in long term chastity under her control.

My first visit to see Her as Jennifer was so exciting. I was so eager to show Her how much I had learnt about makeup and dressing as Her good girl. As She helped me to transform during the visit, I felt like I had turned a corner. I had achieved something beautiful. I had become Jennifer and she felt sexy. I felt proud showing Mistress how I had practised walking in my red boots. After Mistress took some pictures to remember the visit, She commanded me to my knees and declared that it was time for Jennifer to experience Mistress’s strap-on. It was a beautiful conclusion to the end of the session as Mistress introduced me to my new place in life. A good sissy girl who is eager to please her Mistress in every way.

Mistress Minxy has told me that She plans to demand the keys for my chastity device from me at some point in the future as good sissies have no need for those keys.

A big part of this journey to date has been trust. I trust Mistress Minxy completely to help me keep Jennifer a secret as Mistress trains and shapes Jennifer as a sissy girl.


I do not know what else Mistress has planned next for me but that is the best part. I am being feminised and I control no part of my transition. Mistress Minxy’s slow but firm approach is slowly moulding me into Her image of a good sissy girl. All whilst protecting me from the fear of being exposed.


I feel desperate to obey Her. Mistress Minxy must be obeyed.
xx Jennifer xx