Summer Time Mistress x

Hello slaves x

Now that the summer is well and truly on its way, mistress has a lovely well cooled dungeon to inflict all her pleasures to her little subs!

Within the past few months I have been spending all your hard erarned pennies on more outfits, whips, canes and furniture, new to the dungeon is my dog cage and little puppies have tried it and behaved like the dogs you are!

So all new pics of my outfits will soon be available in my private gallery and a few on my free gallery, as some are very revealing and not for the public wannabes to see x

Also since I last updated my blog I have done a DD with the gorgeous mistress Dita, and what happened in the sessions is between us and the slaves who attended, but just an insight into what happened, they got more than they bargained for shall we say!

We are doing another DD on August 28th so time to book now!

I have also had a influx in more Female Submissives visiting me and I treat them the same as I do a male submissive…..well apart from the obvious lack of the baby maker dangling between their legs! Lol x
And what great sessions we have had, I can honestly say they take all my toys with ease! And are truly submissive in all ways!

So with the upcoming months I can say I have major plans for my chambers with the introduction of more facilities and different rooms/scenario plays and more sissy training sessions.

So until next time, behave, obey and keep up with the regime of knowing I am your mistress and need to be adored!

Love Mistress Minxy x