Testimonial from sissy melissa

I first stumbled across Mistress Minxy by accident, having visited a previous Mistress I was browsing through directories on the off chance of finding the perfect Mistress…and there she was…stunningly beautiful with long blonde flowing hair (one of my many fetish ideals), I knew I had to serve Mistress. My first session with Mistress was a lovely get to know me session, she gave me a taster session with her doing many little tester punishments on me, all the while chatting to me and relaxing me, it was lovely and already after the first session I felt like I had known her for a long time (cliche I know, but it’s true). My second session was equally fantastic but Mistress upped the ante, bending me over her spanking bench and reddening my bottom for being a naughty slave, naughty for what? Mistress doesn’t need a reason and we slaves don’t ask!

I was then bound with rope to the big red mat on the floor (Mistress is excellent at tying and I was completely helpless and at her mercy) where I was forced to worship her lovely feet and being such a good slave I was rewarded with a drink of Mistress’s champagne.
I am now lucky to have been given my new name melissa by Mistress which I have earned by being true to her and I am so proud, I want to serve this beautiful Mistress for ever and only this Mistress, she really is that good.

Mistress Minxy will take you to slave heaven and back but dare to anger her and you’ll be in slave hell. She is the most gorgeous, sexy and dominant Mistress you’ll find, don’t bother looking elsewhere!

sissy melissa x